At the end of the summer is never too much to remember the torsos that many celebrities have given us. And the most original ones have undoubtedly been in the shower , as did Labrador, Demi Lovato or Kylie Jenner. Marking or unmarked muscles, many celebs show their body after the shower without any trouble. Here we review the best!
Kylie Jenner
Few people deny that the girl of the Kardashian clan is one of the queens of Instagram. And how could it be otherwise, has turned his bathroom into the protagonist of many selfies and pictures of the sexiest . Because she is as sure of herself as we are accustomed to with or without clothes, and under the shower water would not be less.
Kylie Jenner of the sexiest in the shower | Source: Instagram
With or without a towel, she makes it clear that she is stomping and is one of the business women with more followers of the whole family (with permission of Kim Kardashian). All it takes is a white bathing suit that marks its curves and a powerful lip that defines the contour of your lips to get thousands of likes per minute.
Demi lovato
And from curves to other … because Demi Lovato is one of the great defenders of the curvy silhouette . And she could not claim her body any other way than in the shower. In addition, to pose in their networks as God brought the world has also wanted to charge in several of his video clip where there are no shortage of scenes in the shower or bathtub , as in ‘Cool for the summer’.

Demi Lovato Claims Her Body | Source: Instagram

After having spent a few complicated years , the singer has left behind her complexesand attempts to maintain a figure of scandal and thus to live a healthy life and taste with her body. She is one of the most fit singers and lets see it day after day. Her latest album ‘Confident’ was a boost for the singer and did not hesitate to portray in the sexiest way under the shower with this message .
The extronista has us accustomed to show off his body , since he dedicates much of his life to maintenance and gym. Whether as a tronista, contestant of ‘Gandía Shore’ or ‘Survivors’, we have always seen Labrador wearing well defined abs and torso of scandal. One of his sexiest inns starred him in nothing more than a tub filled with foam.
Labrador poses naked in the bathtub
Without any modesty the extronist is shown posing without any clothes with the white foam of the bath. Her love story with Ana Mojica has not stopped her from showing off her heart and now they are both portrayed in the sexiest way. Despite the fact that during his time as ‘Survivors’ I lost a lot of weight , the extronista did not hesitate to get to work to regain his physical form.

Chinese Darín

The boyfriend of Úrsula Corberó is one of the most sexy Spanish actors of the momentand has not doubted in corroborating it on several occasions. One of his portraits that have impressed his followers has been the one who starred in the shower. With the water spraying his torso to more than one person will have risen the temperature , and is that the actor since he starred in “The Queen of Spain” with Penelope Cruz has raised passions wherever he goes.

Chinese naked Darin in the shower
Argentine born and family of the great Ricardo Darín, can not complain about being one of the most sought-after actors in Spain . Also his relationship with Úrsula Corberó has been an incentive for them to become the sexiest couple of the summer . The actress was already seen posing for Darin in one of her trips to Argentina. It seems that this summer the couple has decided to pose in the sexiest way.

Ares Teixidó
The presenter obtained a large number of followers and also detractors after her participation in the third edition of ‘Big Brother VIP’. Despite this, it was one of the most common faces of the chain in different programs. Since her personality was known more deeply in the house, the ex-contestant has given us many bare inns , but certainly the one with the foam shower is one of the most remembered.

Ares Teixidó naked in the shower
” For each photo there is an audience, each one sees it in their own way ; those who want to see what is under the foam, those who make poetry of the image, those who would like to be that foam, l @ s who have noticed the smile, l @ s that only look at my photos to criticize them , l @ s who are happy to see them, … Well this photo is for everyone, because in the background, I thank you to TOD @ S that you are there. I love you “, wrote the presenter next to the sexy photo.
Kendall Jenner
The Kardashian family is known for displaying and portraying the bodies of its members in the sexiest way . The model, as expected, is a regular on Instagram and especially the poses in the bathroom as well as all her sisters. The biggest Jenner has conquered the world of fashion with its sweet touch, but at the same time sensual that characterizes it so much.

Kendall Jenner and her sexy shooting in the shower
Accustomed to seeing her on the catwalk and on the covers of the magazines of the moment, Kendall Jenner has posed in the shower on several occasions and has shown that she can be sexy as well as an angel of Victoria’s Secret. Posing for a report with his sister Kylie Jenner in which both were allowed to soak in a fresh shower in which they appeared with the makeup run, as happens to many women. Businesswomen, provocative and sexy are the words with which the industry calls them so far.

Jon Kortajarena
If there is a Spanish name that raises passions is Kortajarena , and is that his wide smile has been the reason for many broken hearts in the industry as well as outside. His muscular torso and tupé in the purest style Elvis Presley has been worth signing millions of contracts worldwide and has led him to campaign with faces like Jennifer Lopez or Dulceida .

Jon Kortajarena naked in the shower
Faithful follower of social networks, more than once has surprised his fans posing naked or in the shower. Letting the drops fall on your back and without looking at the camera, the model leaves us a snapshot very true to the reality of an intimate shower. But it has not been the only nude that has starred since a few months ago surprised posing nothing more than clothes in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. “I love BILBAO. #Guggenheim” titled the model next to the provocative photo.

Selena Gomez
The singer is full of her professional and personal life, since she no longer hides her relationship with The Weeknd. She began as a sweet girl, to become one of the sexiest singers of the new generation. One of the celebs with more followers in Instagram, could not miss in his profile a photo looking body just out of the shower .

Selena Gomez by Mario Testino | Source: Instagram
Portrayed by the prestigious photographer Mario Testino , Selena Gomez did not mind leaving with a towel that surrounded her body and another on her head as she leaves the shower every day. Sitting on a stool and with a white background, the actress and singer revolutionized social networks with this inn that paved the way for her to become the Queen of Instagram with her popular photo announcing a refreshing drink.

Kim Kardashian
And if we talk about queens, Kim Kardashian is indisputable . Their nudes are a regularon social networks and their selfies even more. That’s why Fergie wanted to have her for her video clip ‘Got Milf’ in which she bathed in a shower of fresh milk . As sexy as ever, Kim Kardashian has continued to maintain her status as the sexiest woman despite being the mother of two children.
Kim Kardashian on Fergie ‘Got MILF Video Clip | Source: YouTube
Despite the controversies that day after day surrounds her life , Kim Kardashian always quietes her detractors in the most provocative way she did with her naked selfie in the mirror of her luxurious bathroom covering her breasts with a black band. Making the networks burn like always , she got other celebs to support her and portray her just like Emily Ratajkowski did .
Miguel Ángel Silvestre
And I could not miss in this list one of the Spanish actors with more international reputation in recent times. Ever since he launched himself to fly after his role in ‘Sin tetas no hay paraíso’, the actor has been able to continue his way in the most successful way possible. One of the most beloved characters of the canceled Sense 8, has given us some of the most torrid nudes both in the series and outside.

GQ magazine was chosen by the actor to pose as sexy in the shower . Nice and funny as he is accustomed to us, the actor is one of the bets by Netflix to give life to one of the characters of the third season of ‘Narcos’ , along with other Spanish actors like Javier Cámara or Tristán Ulloa that will join the cast original headed by Pedro Pascal (Javi Peña in the series) and Boyd Holbrook (Steve Murphy).



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