Justin Bieber is a Tool fan. But sadly for him, the feeling is not mutual.
Maynard James Keenan recently roasted the Biebs’ coming out of the prog closet in a short but savage tweet, responding to the news of Biebs’ Tool love with the simple hashtag “#bummer”

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And now, some evil genius has commemorated their feud through song, by gifting us with the Tool x Bieber mash-up we neither needed nor asked for.
DJ Cummerbund has spliced the metal greats’ 2001 track ‘Parabola’ with The Biebs’ and Ed Sheeran’s ‘Love Yourself’.
He’s also included a verse from Ludacris’ 2001 hit ‘Area Codes’.
“It’s about time Justin Bieber and Tool squashed their beef and collaborated on a song,” the track’s YouTube description explains. “Thankfully Ludacris was there to mediate.”
Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the truly bonkers ‘Love Your Parabola’ below.

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